So things have gotten crazy (like they do), and I am ending up with less and less time to spend posting my Pic(k)s of the Day (or anything else for that matter).  I had a really good streak of posts in March, and then just completely blew it in April and May.  In an attempt to remedy this, I will begin posting images from my phone *GASP!*.  Now, I know that “iphoneography” is all the rage right now and that rage is intensified with mobile apps like Instagram and you probably have feelings for them one way or the other.  If you are a photographer, you may loath these industry wrecking technological spawns from hell.  I don’t.  I don’t see them as threats to the industry.  I see them as completely different mediums.  They are not a threat the way an uneducated potential client can be (a topic for another day)…

That smartphone you have there is a pretty powerful little bugger.  It may not be capable of producing 30×40 gallery prints, but it’s great for shooting, sharing, and commenting on the fly.  I still carry my 5D/50mm 1.4 with me almost everyday, everywhere I go, but sometimes it’s just more convenient (and fun) to pull out your phone, take a picture, throw a filter on there, upload it to Instagram and move on.  It’s a form of real time photoblogging, in a sense, and you can get instant feedback.  “But it’s just so easy and makes more people think they are more creative than they are and they will think they can be professional photographers,” you may have heard someone say.  Probably so.  But these people are morons ignorant.  Yes, it is easy to push a button, but it is not easy to be able to skillfully compose image after image or to be able to visualize an image before you pull out your camera (or phone).  Alas, this, also, is a topic to discuss at a different time.

So, I say all of this to more or less justify why I will be posting with phone photos every now and then, and if you call it a rationalization, then so be it.  I just think it’s better to post images than not, and you can make some pretty compelling images on these things if you ask me.

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