On our way back from a family vacation last year, we stopped off at a fast food joint so that Rickelle could take Grey in to go to the bathroom.  This series of events spanned exactly the amount of time they were gone.  A gang of hooligan fowl made their way out of an adjacent parking lot, pecked around our car, fought amongst themselves, and went on their way.  No one but me saw this happen.  It was like the old Looney Toons cartoon about the guy with the singing frog.  Rickelle and Grey looked at me like I was crazy when I told them about it after they got back in the car.  This is proof that I’m not.  IMG_6988-Edit IMG_6996-Edit IMG_6990-Edit IMG_7001-Edit IMG_6995-Edit IMG_7007-Edit IMG_7004-Edit IMG_6993-Edit IMG_7011-Edit IMG_7014-Edit IMG_7015-Edit