So, this year we decided to try to create a project a month.  Just something to keep our creative juices flowing and challenge ourselves a bit.  This is our first go at it.  Just a quick tale of how the idea sprouted (get it?  SPROUTED?  …ugh…):  Rickelle and I were out in the yard  pulling weeds and trimming branches when she walked over and showed me an oak sapling that still had the acorn attached to the roots.  It was was really beautiful and all I could think about for the next two weeks was photographing it.  So, about a month later, I went into the yard and pulled as many saplings as I could and brought them inside and made those photos.  I don’t know that they turned out exactly like what I had in mind, but it’s just such a mental relief just to have done them.

Oh, and we know it’s not a sapling, but we threw a pinecone in for good measure. _MG_9767-Edit _MG_9768-Edit _MG_9771-Edit _MG_9775-Edit _MG_9778-Edit _MG_9782-Edit _MG_9783-Edit _MG_9785-Edit _MG_9788-Edit _MG_9792-Edit _MG_9794-Edit _MG_9795-Edit