Because let’s be honest: a lot of what people post on Instagram and Facebook sensationalizes their lives (not everyone always, but, at times, Rickelle and myself included). It has become almost natural that everyone makes it seem like they are having a great time doing awesome things always. We want everyone to see all of the awesome things we (or our kids) do. It makes us look good. It makes us look interesting. It’s an unspoken, maybe even subconscious, competition of who can seem like they are doing the most dramatic things. Who went to a that concert. Who is eating the best food. Who went the farthest on a road trip. But there is a lot that we don’t see.

There are the day jobs. There are the arguments with your significant other. There are the times when your kid is not singing “Yankee Doodle” with his class and is instead whining about doing math facts. This is how your life really is. So, I declare October to be #HonestOctober. Drop your guard. Go out of your way to show the less interesting, more everyday things you do and hashtag those pics #HonestOctober. Besides, at the end of October everyone gets to pretend to be whoever they want. Until then, let’s be honest. Let’s see the boring stuff that makes us normal. For instance, I got coffee at work this morning…because I always get coffee at work in the morning.

honest october, honestoctober